Potential Risks and Discomforts
There are no more than minimal risks in providing the information requested beyond what would be expected in everyday life. The information you provide will not be sold or distributed to persons or entities outside the Center.

You may feel a sense of altruism, or giving back to the community, by participating in the OAR Registry. Society may benefit by having you participate in aging-related research projects.

Information you provide will be kept confidential. Your information will be stored with a code number; your name will not be linked to it until you are recruited to participate in a study.

Costs and Payments
There is no cost to you for participating in the OAR Registry. You will not receive any form of compensation for registering.

Right to Withdraw
Participation in the OAR Registry is voluntary. You are free to choose the questions you wish to answer. You can withdraw your name and information at any time by contacting the Center for Gerontology by phone (540-231-7657), email (gero@vt.edu), or mail Center for Gerontology, Virginia Tech, 237 Wallace Hall (0426), Blacksburg, VA 24061.

Financial Considerations
Neither the Center for Gerontology Director, Karen A. Roberto, nor the Center staff, are receiving financial incentives for developing or maintaining the OAR Registry.

Approval of Research
This registry has been approved, as required, by the Institutional Review Board for Research Involving Human Subjects at Virginia Tech.